What Does Community Mean to You: Kim Bradley

(Originally posted on our Facebook page)

My husband and I attended the Aruma Farmer’s Market every Sunday morning and purchased our produce, eggs, sticky buns, bread and just enjoyed the atmosphere and fun.

One Sunday I was visiting the Plan B booth and Melanie was chatting about canning, etc. I explained that although I’m an avid cook/baker I didn’t know how to can or preserve. She informed me that Plan B was getting together the following Tuesday, and that I was welcome to join them. I went home and thought about it and on Tuesday I arrived at “the factory” at 9 am, full of excitement and nerves. The ladies were welcoming, helpful and patient. By the end of 7 hours, I was hooked! I went back twice more that week and have been going ever since.

Joining Plan B was one of the best things I’ve done for myself! I’ve developed friendships that I would never have made, learned skills that benefit my family and most of all I feel that am contributing to the mental and physical wellbeing of my Community.

If you are interested in learning, growing and feeling good about yourself, come and join us!