What Does Community Mean to You: Romalda Park

(Originally posted to our Facebook page)

Our family has lived in and around Lanark for 40 years. My husband was born in Watsons Corners . He was a young man at the time of big fire and remembers it vividly. We raised our children here. I helped out at nursery, elementary and Sunday school plus Scouts and Brownies. The children enjoyed the beach here that the volunteers helped to groom and maintain, which remains in good shape. I still take a dip there.

I was a volunteer as well as a staff member at the library when, in the 80s, we held a referendum to decide to add the new library on top of the town hall. It was a big job to move the 1 room collection across the road to Miss Baird’s house then back again when the new premises were complete.

My husband and I helped to complete the new ball field and volunteered at the provincial ball games. I was so disappointed when we had to cancel the 200th town anniversary as we have enjoyed the other anniversary celebrations over the years.

I try to attend everything in Lanark; fundraisers, dinners, craft /bake sales, bazaars, special events at all four churches, classes and get togethers at the Adult Learning and Youth Centers, the Legion for Remembrance Day/ July 1st commemoration plus thrift store sales, Museum and arena events. There are many others I have missed mentioning .

When I walk down the street I always meet a few fellow volunteers. I think Lanark is the Volunteer Capital of the province. It is a wonderful community to be a part of. Congratulations and thanks to every person who gives their time freely.