Good Food Box Newsletter March 10, 2021

…one more inch towards spring and according to the weather prediction-today is the day to go outside and get a taste of what is to come! Just ignore next week.

Let’s dive right in and talk about the exciting things going on, because there’s a few. The very first really great item is that a new volunteer has taken over sending out the newsletters. This means that, in all likelihood, everyone will start getting it regularly. Crystal is ever so much better at these things than I am. Thanks Crystal!!

We’ve gotten several seed starting volunteers.  Thank you so much. The community gardeners are a little bit anxious about getting things happening.  This happens to them every year, it’s hard to wait! All are welcome to join in.  I’m never quite sure if it’s the gardening that’s so popular or the socializing.  Maybe a bit of both. As we get closer there will be more info available but in the meantime check out the Facebook page for Lanark highlands community garden.

On a similar note the schools in the area were all approached to participate in a new seed starting venture but unfortunately only Sacred Heart was able to accommodate us this year.  It is a bit of an undertaking but we want to invite any other children who would like to participate to join in as well.

Plan B is providing everything needed at no cost.  This includes everything required for starting the seeds, growing them, and information geared to children about the process that is happening. The point is to introduce kids both to gardening and community sustainability. Both topics are covered in the information provided. When the plants are mature enough to plant outside (and the weather is co-operating) the plants will be moved to one of our gardening sites. It might be the community garden on highway 511 or one of the smaller sites maintained in a home garden. (We call these the Rhubarb Gardens) Kids will be growing 2-3 plants each. To participate contact us at the info at the end of this newsletter.

Our new community kitchen is a “hold on to your hats” situation completely. What started as a room little more than a shed has been transformed into something beautiful. This has been a community effort and it has been amazing. No Plan B money whatsoever has been used as the kitchen is on my property. There have been no grants of any kind and everyone has been completely open about what the project is and where it is located. However there has been a donation of $3000 towards labour (and this guy is incredible) and I have donated the space. The community has donated the cupboards (beautiful cupboards) counters, sink, fridge, new patio door, a range hood, 2 stoves, 2 gallons of paint, handwashing sink, wood stove. and I hope I’m not missing anything. The man hired to do the work has also volunteered many extra hours, and a qualified technician has donated his time and expertise to install, inspect and certify the stove.

The costs have been more than expected and I have paid for everything else. There is no complete total yet as it is still in progress but we are over $5000. If you listen very carefully at my place you can hear my line of credit softly sobbing! Because of this we will be putting together a “go fund me” account to hopefully recoup some of the costs. If it ends up that I am holding the bill, that is as it should be and there is no issue at all.

When the kitchen is finished it will be available for anyone to use. Obviously, it was built because Plan B is always expanding and we need the room, but it is not for the exclusive use of Plan B. There will not be a charge to use it, it will be a community space. Just outside the door we have a green house in process. Again for community use.

Living in the Lanark Highlands is living in a community with a very strong social conscience and I am so proud to be a part of that.

PS we still 1 range hood

Melanie Mills (for Plan B)


For peer support navigating services:

Community Advocacy Office at The Table, 613-267-6428 x29,