Good Food Box Newsletter March 24/2021

We had a real taste of spring these last few days and I’ll wager many of you did what I did. Basked in the sun like a lizard on a rock. I could feel the vitamin D seeping into the corners of every blood vessel. (that makes an interesting picture, blood vessels with corners?!?)

Today is the day we launch the gardening project at Sacred Heart school where the kids are participating in community gardening by starting seeds for us. I would like to invite any children in the community who would like to participate to let us know. We provide everything needed right down to the soil. There is information explaining what the child is growing and why. It’s a really fun project. There is no cost and heaps and bushels of benefits.

The project has been loosely designed for elementary school aged kids but can certainly be modified up or down to fit most age groups.

Questions have been asked about income tax receipts for donations to Plan B. We are still negotiating with CRA so for the time being the North Lanark Health Clinic has been graciously stepping in to help us out. Sometimes the process gets complicated so we have engineered a smoother one.

Let me know (Melanie) that you would like to make a donation to Plan B and require a tax receipt. I will take it to the Health Centre (which has changed it’s name to ConnectWell) And give it to a specific person who will follow it’s trajectory through the channels. 

This makes it easier for us as we work on a shoestring budget. Like some of you I have become very adept at working at a low or non existent bank balance and it is helpful to know how much money might be coming in. It also gives me the opportunity to express my gratitude in person. These donations make what we do possible.

It also makes things easier for Connect Well as they have a big budget (yes, I’m jealous sometimes!!) and it can get complicated for them to keep track of donations and receipts for another organization. It is generous of them to do this at all so we want to streamline the process as much as possible.

This whole process is a wonderful example of how community, and the organizations within it, work together to make possible what is needed. A big thanks to everyone involved. 

This new wave of Covid-19 has put a fatigue in voices that seems to continue to escalate. We are tired. The news doesn’t seem to have anything good to say. All of us want to get back to our real lives. This “hug drought” is driving me crazy. My dog is going to leave home if I continue to hug her so much, I need people back!

We are getting there. Please reach out. On Tuesdays from 11  to 1 p.m. we have an online women’s group. Women can also phone in. I love chatting on the phone and I know there are others who do as well. Keep connected. It is the strength of our community and the individuals within it that will get us through.

Just because it might seem that we are all alone, people care. Sometimes people don’t seem to care simply because they don’t know. It’s up to all of us to tell each other what is going on, what is happening. No one can be supportive if no one knows the need. My home phone is 613-259-5495 and I’m home all the time.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Melanie Mills for Plan B 


For peer support navigating services: 

Community Advocacy Office at The Table, 613-267-6428 x29,