Good Food Box Newsletter April 7/2021

Good morning! And what a lovely one it is. I can’t help remembering that silly little poem from childhood:

Spring has sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder where
The birdies is.

Probably not a great classic but it comes to mind every spring nonetheless. This newsletter has been painful to put together and I apologize for it in advance. However, I had to write it so you have to read it. Don’t make me have to twist any arms. (just kidding, I hate reading financial updates, too)

Throughout the history of Plan B folks have been encouraged to check our books and to feel free to ask questions about our finances but it rarely happened. As we spread our wings a bit, we feel it is even more important for everyone to really be aware of how we spend money. As a community organization we are accountable to the community. Remember we are a vagabond group doing our best with little or no training in accounting. We accept pointers!

Two points of interest to share. The Table CFC is starting a new gardening project to help folks start or improve their gardens at home. They have all kinds of supports available and if you are interested
Contact Joanna at the Table: or call 613 267 6428×28

The other is that the income tax clinic is still running for lower income households. (under 35,000 annually for an individual) A very painless, smooth operation. Contact 257-7619 x 3200 or 3104

I am looking for a volunteer interested in doing some varathaneing on trim in our new kitchen and another to get the herb garden ready. We hope to have the greenhouse together within the next few days, however we are assembling it with supplies we have rather than making more purchases. Anyone with expertise or construction materials to donate-now’s the time!


And now for the awful part. This covers the 1st quarter of 2021. (Jan, Feb, Mar) As this is unsustainable adjustments will have to be made. Suggestions/support are welcome.

Chart #1; total income:$5,798.33
Chart #2; total expenses:$8,436.81
Expected income:$700.00
GFB Salesetransfer$2,730.00
Plan B income.
Plan B expenses.