Plan B Newsletter April 21, 2021

I’ll try to make this greeting extra warm and friendly to make up for the cold and snow outside. It will be gone soon.

I would like to remind everyone that following the new lock down orders is a priority for us. Not only to simply follow the regulations but to keep everyone safe. We have been in contact with the Health Unit and will continue the Good Food Box program only as long as folks are able to help us follow protocol. Please maintain safe distancing and do not stop to chat with others. Getting in touch with others can be done elsewhere, not at the Good Food Box site.

Pick up your box one at a time and be extra patient. To reduce the number of volunteers we will have fewer people to hand out the boxes and will rely more heavily on you to carry yours to your car. We will get through this!

Thank you to those who have sent in their thoughts concerning our finances. Everyone’s input is greatly appreciated. What I may not have brought forward very well is that, as a community organization, Plan B relies on the community to support their own initiatives. We have implemented some cost saving strategies and hope that those receiving a subsidy are honest and responsible in their request.

Our philosophy dictates that we put no one through demeaning, intrusive questioning in order to get support. We all know that no matter how careful, how stringent applications are, there will be those who are able to squeak by to take advantage. 

Our system is honouring the integrity of participants. All of us need help of one kind or another eventually. There is no process for anyone to have to submit to in order to get help, but there is an expectation of responsibility that folks will contribute when they can.

Our aim is to foster and grow community initiatives that work. An imitative that cannot support itself is simply one that cannot work. There are some volunteers working very hard to keep everything going. They do this because they want to, and because the joy of volunteering is a reward in itself.

Plan B’s objective is not to provide a service, but rather to facilitate the community working together to achieve goals. Where this is successful the project continues. Currently the Good Food Box is struggling to find ways to be successful. Some ways that might help are the sale of more boxes. The more people who buy a box the better our financial position as each box has a tiny profit. The other is less subsidies. Do you require all the food you are getting and can you contribute a bit more financially.

There is no one at Plan B who has any interest in questioning anyone about what they receive. There is also no one interested in chasing folks for payment. Most of all, there is no one interested in taking away needed support.  We are counting on you. This is how community works.

Happy Volunteer Week!!! And thanks to everyone for everything they do. We have some tomato plants (thanks Cassandra!) to share hoping to see some harvest come back for our canning. Let us know if you’re interested.

Melanie Mills

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