Good Food Box Newsletter May 19/2021

So – this newsletter begins with a big oops. On Good Food Box Day the newsletter made it to all the boxes that were handed out. Before the online version was posted there was a bit of an accident and things got a bit messed up, communication lines were mangled. We apologize sincerely for the delay to everyone who gets the newsletter via email or reads it on our web page. We can still guarantee we mean everything we said then! Happy delayed reading.

Good Food Box Newsletter

May 19/2021

Happy Good Food Box Day everyone! I’m sure we are all enjoying our slide into summer. The best cure for our long isolation is that we now get outside and see our neighbours to share some smiles. We can be a bit prickly in the spring after hibernating so the smiles are certainly needed, we’ll all have to bring out any reserves we have stored away 😊

There has been discussion around potatoes. Some feel that we are getting too many, but some feel it’s just about right. Special orders get difficult to keep track of as there is already a surprising amount of paperwork and record keeping to do. What we are proposing is that if you feel you are getting too many potatoes, we can put you on the replacement list. This would mean that every other Good Food Box your potatoes would be replaced with something else of equivalent (approx.) value.

Unfortunately we can’t take special orders for what goes in to replace the potatoes nor can we give advance notice of what the exchange will be as we have only so much choice but we hope to change it fairly regularly. For example, there have been some who have clearly stated that they would prefer something else, so this week instead of potatoes, they will get cauliflower.

The decision around being on the replacement list needs to be made beforehand, and once made, we will assume that is where you will be until you tell us otherwise. Potatoes will be replaced on the 2nd GFB of the month. The next Good Food Box will be June 2 with no changes. On June 16 there will be the option of replacing potatoes with a different item.

We have been successful in an application for the Summer Youth Employment Program and will be hiring 3 people aged 15 to 30. These positions pay $14.50 hourly. There will be 2 part time positions at the community garden for 16 weeks and 1 full time position for 8 weeks office/clerical related. Applications will be accepted until June 4.

Plan B enjoys working with some incredible partners. Our community garden team is bolstered by the support of The Table Community Food Centre. Our mutual objective of facilitating a sustainable, secure food supply powered by the community it supports allows us both to explore innovative avenues of bringing our food supply to our own back doors. Through sharing ideas, knowledge, resources and skills we increase what we can do exponentially. Thank you for your support.

Another major partner is the Perth and District Community Foundation. For several years they have been the cornerstone of our financial resources, funding projects every year we have been around. It is worth noting that although financial statements may read “PDCF $300” this is a monthly contribution. The annual contribution for 2021 is in fact $3400 and goes specifically to the subsidizing of Good Food Boxes. What we do would not be possible without their support, thank you.

Melanie Mills, Plan B,

To order a Good Food Box or learn more about Plan B in the Lanark Highlands:

Call or text: 613-434-4435