Good Food Box Newsletter June 2, 2021

Welcome to June! Hopefully the frost is done and the gypsy moths find somewhere else to go. Folks are being quite inventive on that particular battle ground, but it does seem a losing cause sometimes. At least the birds are happy, someone should be. Many of us had some losses due to the frost. The community garden didn’t escape but we are fortunate in that we didn’t lose more than we can readily replace. Thank you to those with offers of plants.

A reminder that food box pick up ends at 1:00 pm unless you have made other arrangements. Quite often we are able to sell extra produce on food box day, so if we haven’t heard from you, and we still have your box at 1 pm, we may make it available to someone else. Also, volunteers may not be available for you to pick up after 1 if they don’t have notice. We do have other things to do!

There are 3 food box days in June, it is the second day that the potato option is available. Next time (June 16) you may choose to get something other than potatoes. Because we have heard some feel they get too many potatoes we are offering this option. We are not able to say what it will be in advance. Some of you have already indicated that you are opting for this, and if you are interested just let us know.

We are currently working on defining our mission statement so that it is clear for everyone. It states that we are working “Towards an even more supportive and inclusive community.” We are interested in breaking down exactly what “supportive” and “inclusive” mean. Input from you would be very welcome-in fact it would be vital. We are using resources that have examined these questions including the new proclamation from the County for Pride month which aligns with our philosophies. FoodShare has presented an excellent resource in terms of body positivity.  It is important that we are consistently moving towards a better understanding and acceptance of what we say we believe in, and work together as a supportive and inclusive community to realize the goals we set for ourselves. Although I think we all realize this is going to be a bit bumpy, it is something to really wrap our heads around. Let’s have discussion! Let’s share opinions! None of us can benefit from the wisdom of anyone else if we aren’t willing to share both our knowledge and our questions.

The JamBee Jamboree will be starting up. We have been getting some enquiries and it seems as if we will be able to offer small groups, in an outside setting. For those interested please contact us. Some arrangements have already been made for single households to begin working together. Safety is primary, our health must be protected. Safety protocols will be expected and it is preferred if “bubbles” come together. We will, of course, be following all legislation. As always, children are more than welcome.

Financial break down for May 2021

Quattrocchi’sMay 5 $1021.66payment for boxes$1595.00
May 19 $990.84Perth & District Community Foundation$300
Total Expenses$2184.25Total Income$1895.00

Balance= -$289.25  (I’m sure we all see the issue here!)

Melanie Mills, Plan B,

To order a Good Food Box or learn more about Plan B in the Lanark Highlands:

Call or text: 613-434-4435