A warm and friendly greeting to everyone out there. We have had a fundraising suggestion to host a “pick your own” caterpillars and sell them by the pound. Unfortunately we won’t be able to follow through with social distancing requirements. 😉

Like everything else in the world, Plan B is slowly coming back to life. We are carefully following health protocols to keep everyone safe but are eager for services to start up again. As the province lowers restrictions we are able to enjoy more of the things we have been accustomed to doing. The garden is especially magnificent this year. A big cheer for the volunteers there. As a community organization we promote working as allies with other organizations where our missions and goals overlap. Last year our garden began the process of working more closely with The Table Community Food Centre, and this year that alliance has been strengthened. A big “shout out” to everyone there.

The JamBee Jamboree has started in small doses. The new community kitchen opens with sliding doors into the yard where folks are able to prep food to bring into the kitchen, which is open aired. People are easily able to social distance or stay outside completely. Groups are kept very small (4maximum) and “bubbles” are preferred. The Jamboree has canned peaches, made Peach Chia Seed Jam and a tiny amount of Haskap jam made from the haskaps we have grown. Everyone is invited to participate. There is no cost involved but we are forced to put up a donation box. 

As produce comes from the garden eventually CropSharing will be happening. If you want your name on the list of folks contacted when produce is available, please be sure to let us know.

Plan B is certainly enjoying the efforts of the three staff we have hired through the federal Summer Employment Program. We welcome them and hope to see them around long after their contracts are completed.

The Good Food Box remains a popular program. It would help us a great deal if folks could send/bring their boxes back the following GFB day. We have a difficult time ensuring there are enough. It is very important to pick up your box on time. If for some reason you aren’t able to, please make alternate arrangements. We don’t want to wait all day for you. There is quite often people wanting to buy boxes on GFB day and it is far more expedient for us to sell them than wait in case someone comes to pick it up.

From everything we have heard, things are going smoothly. If there are concerns we need to hear about them. Normally, when an organization finally gets to hear about a concern, it has been festering for quite some time and/or is shared by many. It is our hope we don’t have to get to that point and can deal with issues as they happen. I think you will find all of us super receptive and we have pretty thick skins. If talking to someone makes you uncomfortable, send an email. For anonymity, write it down and put it in the donation box. Whatever works.

Please continue to stay in touch, just chatting is welcome. We are working very hard to clarify who and what our organization is and welcome input. Sometime in the fall we will be asking folks to step forward as potential board members. 

As a side and personal note-I want to visit and hear every single person who has contacted me recently. Because of personal circumstances and the abundance of Plan B goings-on I’m not sure if I’m coming or going. I am not ignoring you and please don’t give up. Keep calling and say “for goodness sake-just sit down a minute a listen.”  Seriously, sometimes that’s what it takes. Have a wonderful two weeks.

Melanie Mills, Plan B,

To order a Good Food Box or learn more about Plan B in the Lanark Highlands:

Call or text: 613-434-4435