Plan B in the Lanark Highlands Newsletter June 30/2021

Probably the most common greeting these days must be “hot enough for ya?” Yes, I believe it is definitely hot enough! If anyone can think of a way to trap some of it for January I think we should go for it. Life is returning to a little bit of normal and seeing each other is wonderful. Although the storm is not past, it is packing its bags, and it looks like we got through it. Finally. We all deserve to give ourselves a standing ovation.

Weathering the pandemic has taken a toll on many, and in many different ways. Some folks have found some very creative ways to get through it all and we’re hoping to hear all about it. For others the hurdles have been high and we’re hoping to hear about that too. When the whole community works at those hurdles they’re diminished a lot faster.

One of the struggles Plan B has had is the needs of the community have never gone away. We exist solely to facilitate and promote community. We believe that if a community is inclusive and supportive of its members, incredible things can happen. We’ve all seen it happen, so we all know how it works. 

Plan B has been active throughout the past couple of years in many ways besides the Good Food Box. Although this has been our focus, we have continued the garden with new initiatives, home food preservation in the Jamboree, CropSharing, phone contact, and doing what we can. Our volunteers work tirelessly. (thanks guys) What we haven’t done is fundraising.

We are now at a point where we must do something. We will be offering a workshop on July 24th as a fundraiser. Please see the flyer and come out, it will be great! We will also be taking eggs out of the Good Food Box effective immediately. Eggs were never supposed to be included, we included them as a fresh food item to help folks avoid having to go into stores.

This summer the Jamboree has made Peach Chia Jam, Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Haskap Jam, Pickled Scapes and canned both peaches and pears. Because of the limited size of the groups working together none of these events were advertised. They were made instead by people already in contact with each other. The garden will soon be producing (we grew our own haskaps!) and the Jamboree will get more active. We are also able to open things up a bit. Please contact us if you would like to be contacted for our events. There is no charge but we have added a donation box for anyone who wants/is able to help out.

As always, we want to hear from you. We want to hear what we’re doing right and we want to hear some constructive feedback. We want to know if there is something you think we should be doing. We have lots of ideas but it would be so much better if they came from you. Send me an email with your thoughts, I would love to hear them.


Melanie Mills, Plan B,

To order a Good Food Box or learn more about Plan B in the Lanark Highlands:

Call or text: 613-434-4435