Plan B Newsletter July 14/2021

Now that summer is in full swing and folks are able to get out and about it’s going to get really busy for all of us. Here’s hoping for a great summer! 

This will be our very last Good Food Box. The gardens are starting to produce and the grocery stores are safe to go back to. We will be turning our attention to other Plan B ventures. Stay tuned! If you only got the newsletter through your good food box please let us know how we can get one to you. A big round of appreciation to the Perth and District Community Foundation who made the subsidies possible.

To break down this year’s efforts with the Good Food Box we have brought some numbers together.

The first chart shows how many boxes of which size were sold in total. The second chart shows how many of those were subsidized either in full ($25, $20, or $15) or partially.


In summary for the months of Jan-June 2021

Cost of fruit and vegetables=$15,064.73

Cost of eggs=$1060.57

Total income in Sales=$8725.00

Total income in Donations=$825.00

Total Perth and District Community Foundation=$1,983.33



Final Balance = -$2,691.97

Please stay in touch, we still want to hear from you and see you as often as we can. Drop me a line, anytime. My home phone is 613-259-5495. Don’t forget to register for the solar workshop on the 26th. We only have a few spots left. Check the website for more information. See you soon! Have a great summer.

Melanie Mills, Plan B,

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Fresh Food Box at The Table – it has all the info for ordering (the website has an order form too).

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