Board Responsibilities

What are the responsibilities of a board member?

  1.  Regularly attends and actively participates in board meetings and other related meetings.
  2. Supports and affirms the mission “Towards an even more supportive and inclusive community.”
  3. Is informed and stays current about Plan B policies, programs, needs, financial statements, goals. 
  4. Participates in the life of Plan B through committee work or other active volunteer position outside of the board. Willingly accepting tasks or requests and completing them on time, thoroughly.
  5. Participates in honest, open evaluation of Plan B and all of its parts, including the Board.
  6. Open advocate for Plan B using personal resources to build networks. Ambassador for community building with individuals within the community and developing partnerships with other organizations.
  7. Adherence to Guiding Principles, Policies and Procedures and any other agreed upon formal documents Plan B has in place. Adherence to Health and Safety Standards, Food Safety Standards and any other applicable government ruling. Ensuring, to the best of anyone’s ability, that these are followed by all volunteers.

All activities and decisions should be in the best interest of the organization, not in the best interest of the individual board member.

In addition to the above a Treasurer must also;

  1. Reconcile bank accounts and produce financial statements presented at board meetings.
  2. File tax/CRA documents on time, correctly.
  3. Manages financial responsibilities of Plan B.
  4. Assists director in preparing annual budget to present to board.
  5. Reviews and explains annual audit.