Community Garden

The Plan B Community Garden is a sub-group of Lanark Highlands Plan B. The Community Garden is focused on growing and supplying fresh produce the produce to Plan B and other community members for their use and distribution within the community.

The activities of the community garden are sharing in nature and they rely heavily on all members of the community. If you are a member of community who can find your way to volunteer an hour of your time, perhaps on a weekly basis to support the development and operation of the garden, please call or text Cliff at 613-858-7732. We do need your support.

This project is a real time learning experience and one which is both fascinating and fulfilling at the same time. It helps to develop that sense of community in all of us which is what Plan B is about. If you can contribute or are just plain curious please call or text and do come on out to the garden.

Fun Facts

Our garden has been running for several years and has been hugely successful.

Our garden is set up as one big plot (2 acres this year) which we work together, and share in together.  It is irrigated and a beautiful piece of land.

The garden itself is at Glengyle Farms, and as Cliff and Donna are so generous in hosting us and sharing this valuable resource, obviously we do whatever we can to be responsible guests.

Volunteers working in the garden take whatever produce from it they want first.  After that, Plan B uses the produce for a variety of services.  Often there is still more which is shared even further, such as food banks.

In 2019  Plan B won the coveted Great Tomato Weigh Off for the most vegetables grown, by weight by volunteers for donation.

We have grown-and continue to grow

  1. Selection of herbs
  2. Good representation from squash family-winter and summer
  3. Root vegetables-carrots, beets, radish, onions, parsnip, turnip
  4. Tomatoes, mostly.  Hot peppers.
  5. Kale, spinach, sunflowers, peas, Brussel sprouts, okra.
  6. Cucumbers.  Large and pickling.
  7. Cantaloupe and/or other melons.

Plan B is a group of Highlanders who care about the Highlands.  We live here, this is our home.  We are not about studies and development, infrastructure and budget proposals.  We are more about making pickles together.  We rely on others who are about the other stuff to do the other stuff and remember that we are making pickles over here.  And while we are making pickles we are making change.  We are making change that permeates lives on so many levels.  We have been fortunate that many people “get us” and enable us to do the things we do.  Agencies like The Table Community Food Centre, or the North Lanark Community Health Centre. Organizations such as the Civitan or businesses like the Lanark Landing, the Era or Aruma.  Funders including the County and Perth and District Community Foundation.

Although we are autonomous, and need to stay that way, we need everyone’s help, always.  So far it’s been great.  Let’s keep it going.