Crop Sharing

Harvests are bountiful. We share the crops we grow with our community to ensure everyone has access to fresh produce grown right here at home.

During harvest season fruit and vegetables tend to be in abundance. We see this with our community garden, our home gardens, even the wild gardens. It is then that we take the opportunity to gather fresh, delicious produce for all the different things we do. We might preserve it or we might eat it right away. Different members of our community use the food in different ways, and we feel it is important to make sure everyone has the food they need.

Our harvests are shared in a specific order, the only initiative of Plan B that does this. Normally everything is equally open to everyone all the time, but we do have a finite harvest!

After those who have worked so hard growing the food, it moves to Plan B initiatives. One of these is CropSharing which is the only initiative which starts out needs based. There is a contact list for folks to come and get what they can use and then it is open for anyone in our community.

Contact us if you want to be called when the harvest is available. CropSharing is an integral part of what we do. By providing this in our community the produce is picked ripe, at it’s best. Distributed immediately, with no time delay for transportation or the damage caused by moving food for miles and miles. It is at its peak nutritionally, by taste, and expense. A complete win all around.