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Seed Starting

A call out for volunteers and some exciting news!!

First for the exciting news, this 2021 growing season we are excited to start using ground cover to help keep weeds at bay. This will help keep the tedious job of weeding to a minimum and help our seedlings thrive! This is a very positive development for the Community Garden.

As the days get longer and we ever so slowly creep into spring we are busily preparing for the 2021 growing season. Currently we are preparing for the upcoming season by getting our nursery set up for starting seedlings. We have limited capacity for starting seedlings at the Community Garden so we are turning to our amazing volunteers to help us out! We are looking for individuals who have experience starting seedlings to take on a grow kit and start seedlings for us at home. We will have seedling kits available with no contact pickup at the Community Garden.

The starting date for planting the seeds of each kit will vary. It will be determined by the individual type of seed to be planted and will be included in the individual set of instructions for each kit. Seedling Kits will include everything you need to germinate seeds including vermiculite and a seed starting solution, if you have your own Promix you are welcome to use that instead. Seedlings kits need to be returned within a day following the start of sprouting the seeds in order to be put under the grow lights at the Community Garden.

If you find yourself unable to return the sprouting seedlings within the allotted time please phone 613-858-7732 or otherwise contact Cliff Neudorf on Facebook and he will gladly pickup the sprouted trays.

If you are interested in volunteering to start seedlings for this garden season please send us a message so we can make arrangements.

Please view our garden tutorials on this page.

About the Farm

Glengyle Farm operated by Donna Davidson and Cliff Neudorf, has been hosting our community garden on highway 511. This incredible sharing of land, tools, resources, knowledge, and skills has enabled us to turn a couple of acres into a way of supplying fresh fruit and vegetables to many of our activities. The produce is enjoyed first by the hard working volunteers in the garden, then by Plan B activities such as Crop Sharing, Community Dinners, seed for garden and sharing or- JamBee Jamborees. Anything left after that is freely shared with other groups and organizations such as food banks. We use every mouthful!

The community garden is organized as one big garden with everyone working all over it as opposed to each with a small plot.  This allows everyone to work together so no one falls behind.  The volunteers are never just folks who come pick weeds.  They are a valuable part of the team.  Their input is sought out in terms of what to plant, best practices, all kinds of things.  Their efforts, insights and experience are what make our community garden a beautiful place to be.  Without them, we would simply have another plot of land growing food for the community.  What we have, because of them, is so much more.

What does this mean in terms of participation?  This could mean almost anything and is only limited by your imagination.

  • Volunteers in the garden are always welcome to join the team.  You make your own hours, participate as much or as little as you like. Simply check in with the garden manager before you come.
  • Some volunteers like to work from home perhaps starting seeds, doing research, co-ordinating volunteers.
  • Volunteers may also participate from home by starting plants in the early spring for donation and transplanting into the garden, this should be coordinated with the Garden Manager prior to undertaking.
  • Organizations such as The Table Community Food Centre in Perth have organized gardening days with their team to come out several times to help and the United Way East Ontario has organized team days with Canopy Growth.  Can your group or organization plan a garden day?
  • Leading workshops for youth or adults on gardening related topics.
  • Donation of Gardening tools, books, resources for our garden or to share with community members starting their own gardens.
  • Financial support is always welcome.  If you would like to make a donation that is specifically for our community garden just let us know.


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