How to Get Involved

There are many ways our community members contribute and every way is so appreciated.  The beauty of the diversity we have is that we are able to draw from such a wide complement of ways people can become involved or help to keep Plan B going.  Being a part of the community in the Lanark Highlands is truly a gift for us all as we participate in such a generous, giving environment.

Most volunteers get involved slowly or by chance.  Often their participation increases as time passes.  Some volunteers are filling a mandate such as high school (or other institution) volunteer  requirements.

As an Organizer

Plan B has for several years been an informal arrangement with the community.  As we have grown we have recognized the need to be more visibly accountable and have  direct communication with the community at large.  To this end, we have begun the laborious job of re-structuring.  Your involvement in this process is integral.


Becoming a member means that you will have voting rights and that you will be kept informed regularly of what Plan B is doing.  Quarterly newsletters will be issued to all members and there will be one annual meeting.  At this meeting the Board of Directors will be elected by the membership.  To become a member simply indicate your interest through this website with complete contact information.  As this area has many without access to internet, please let others know as we welcome them as well.  We will certainly make accommodation for contacting everyone interested in membership.

Essentially the membership decides the direction of the organization.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is currently a temporary group of people working towards setting up a more permanent system.  The Board has to have at least a Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The other members do not necessarily have to have titles.  The term of a member is 3 years.  We are working with a temporary board of 5 people which will be dissolved when the Board is elected by the membership.

It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure that Plan B is working within its mandate and that it stays fiscally responsible.  If being a part of the Board of Directors is something which interests you, please indicate your interest through this website and share this information with anyone you know who may not have internet access.


Volunteers are always welcome.  You may want to volunteer as someone who does very occasional pick-ups or deliveries.  You may want to be someone who makes phone calls or does email/Facebook contacts.  You may be interested in entertaining children while parents are involved in an activity or you might be someone really enthusiastic who wants to get really involved.  You might have your own ideas.  Maybe you are someone who knows how to look for available grants?  Fundraising?

Sign up and let us know your particular interest.  Or let us know you just want to talk about what might be available.  Contact us with your contact information through this site and please let others without internet know of this potential opportunity.

JamBee Jamboree

We have a heritage of “quilting bees” where women gathered together to make quilts. We started getting together to make jam and called it a jam-bee. We had so much fun we called it a jamboree. It grew into a network of food preservation techniques known as the JamBee Jamboree open to everyone, no cost to anyone.