Good Food Box

We offer vegetable boxes that are affordable, seasonal, and as fresh and local as possible at wholesale prices.

Community Garden

The community garden is focused on growing and supplying fresh produce to garden volunteers, Plan B initiatives and other community endeavours.


We hold Jamboree events in which we get together to preserve summer’s harvest. No experience necessary, everything is provided and we all share what we produce.

Women’s Group

Over the years Plan B has hosted a Women’s Group that has changed and evolved with the needs of the women who are a part of it. We get together to talk about many things, sometimes difficult and personal, sometimes we share a laugh. Although our topics can change we are always there to be supportive.

Crop Sharing

Harvests are bountiful. We share the crops we grow with our community to ensure everyone has access to fresh produce grown right here at home.


Community Dinner

The community dinners began in March of 2015.  An idea was conceived to offer an opportunity for Lanark Highlanders to get together for dinner.  The purpose of these dinners goes no further than that.  Simply an opportunity to get together.  Originally the dinners were set up on a three month trial basis and the over whelming success was a clear indicator that they needed to continue.

***Currently on hold due to COVID-19***

One Billion Rising

February 14 has always been set aside for lovers but a new tradition has emerged all over the world.  A tradition where women remind themselves, each other and everyone else that we need to “break the chain.”

Holiday Home Baking

Parenting Seminars