JamBee Jamboree

As Lanark Highlanders we enjoy a rich heritage of resourcefulness and community.   We know how interdependent and connected we are to each other and to the land and resources around us.  Using this standard as a guide we are endeavouring to both re-create and invent a network of food sharing and preserving that works for all of us.

Having plenty of good, high quality food easily accessible year round for everyone is what we intend to do.  Summer bounty can be preserved in many ways and there are many advantages in working together.  The JamBee Jamboree does not have “volunteers” like traditional programs.  Instead, they are folks coming together for a multitude of reasons to share in the effort and reward of home food preservation.

  • Some of us are highly skilled and have been doing home preservation for years and want nothing more than to pass on the knowledge.   
  • Some are interested in learning and are starting from scratch.  This is all new to them. 
  • Some are just joining us for something specific.  
  • Some folks enjoy preserving their own food but no longer have a need for the quantity usually produced.
  • Some join us to share the workload or expense. 
  • Some come for the socializing.  
  • Everyone participates as much as they are interested in or able to and everyone takes home as much product as they can use.  
  • Home food preservation might include canning, fermentation, dehydration.  We all learn and improve our skills together.

There is no money or cost involved, participants are not expected to provide anything but their time and energy.

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