Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

Towards an even more supportive and inclusive community.

Guiding Principles

  1. We belong and participate because we want to and for no other reason. We know that we can comfortably say “no” to any activity with no shame or explanation required, and agree to meet our end to the best of our ability to what we commit ourselves to.
  2. We want to encourage and foster new relationships with other organizations, businesses and community members within the structure of Plan B.
  3. We support each other and are there for each other first, understanding that sometimes it is hard to ask for help and that we want to not only accept but celebrate everyone’s special uniqueness and sameness.
  4. Challenges are OK and sometimes not everything will be perfect. We all learn from what goes wrong, what’s important is to talk about it so we all can learn and grow together.
  5. We are a team and everyone’s role is equally important. Our roles change sometimes depending on what we are doing. It is important that each team member takes responsibility and initiative to speak up when they feel they want to add to the conversation, whether it is positive or constructive