TED Talk Groupies

For some of us “TED Talks” have become a bit of an obsession. Experts in a particular field, be it art or science, social development or oceanography, give a brief (5-25 minute) talk about their passion. Their passion is contagious and opens up new horizons and ways of thinking. They lead our minds down rabbit holes we didn’t know were there. Best of all, they are great entertainment. They are meant to reach just every day folk.

On the first and third Tuesdays of every month we will be meeting at 1PM to watch one Ted Talk as a group. We will be taking turns choosing the talk so that everyone’s interests get covered and each of us have the opportunity to pick the “rabbit hole” of the day. Following the talk there will be time for discussion. We will put in our perspective, how we relate to whatever we have listened to.

This is meant to be a time to socialize and spark interesting conversation. It is not meant to be a teaching tool and certainly not intended to guide anyone’s perspective. It is meant to be fun while stimulating our thinking and adding to the reservoir of knowledge each of us enjoy.