Who are our workshop leaders?

Our workshops are led by folks in the community who are accomplished at what they are demonstrating for us. Some are professionals, some hobbyists,  but all are enthused about whatever topic they are sharing. Most are not teachers, they simply want to share their passion with the wider community. We are fortunate to live in the Lanark Highlands where so many people with such diverse skills and interests come together.

Anyone who would like to lead a workshop is invited to contact us (info@planblanark.ca) with your idea. Of course, this isn’t a for-profit venue, simply a way to share your interests. There is no charge to host or attend any of our workshops. As much as possible, we cover any costs incurred. Everyone at Plan B is a volunteer, none of us get paid. Occasionally we offer a small honourarium to some of the leaders we approach.

We applaud the passion and effort put into each workshop by the person leading it. Thank you for what you do.

How do I take a workshop?

Workshops are announced in a couple of ways. They might be on our website, or in our newsletter, Facebook, or an email may go out. Our volunteer leaders are usually trying to demonstrate an involved process so we cap our workshops accordingly. Unfortunately, this means first come, first served. Some workshops fill almost immediately, so checking your email or our Facebook page often might be a good idea. For very popular workshops we sometimes try to repeat it.

To take the workshop just send us an email at info@planblanark.ca or call 613-434-4435 and let us know what you’re interested in. We’ll let you know when you’re registered. Currently we don’t have any other way to advertise our workshops except online. If you know someone who doesn’t have internet, but might be interested, please help them access the information.

We all know that life happens to all of us, but we need you to let us know if you can’t make it to a workshop you have been confirmed for. Because we have to limit numbers we often have a waiting list, and someone on that list could take your spot. Folks who don’t show, and don’t cancel, will be automatically moved to the bottom of the list for future workshops.